Great Garden Travel

Great Garden Travels

  • London Gardens and Chelsea Flower Show
    Hosted by Sally Cunningham
    Dates: May 23rd-30th
    Length: 8 Days
    Price: From Double $2999 per person; Single Supplement $900
  • The Newport Flower Show
    Experience America’s first resort and yachting capitol of the world in Newport, Rhode Island. Step back in time to the opulent era of the Gilded Age where elite families such as the Vanderbilt’s and Astor’s built their “summer cottages” to retreat from the city life....
    Dates: Jun 23rd-26th
    Length: 3 Nights
    Price: From
  • Ireland Gardens, Pubs & Castles
    Ireland is a small country with a big heart helped along by a timeless landscape...
    Dates: Aug 19th-27th
    Length: 7 Nights
    Price: From